Neighborhood Watch
The Fishers Farm HOA Neighborhood Watch is a participant in the Fishers Neighborhood Crime Watch Program. Each of us should remain vigilent regarding criminal activities in our community. You can find the most current information about the Fishers Neighborhood Crime Watch Program at: 


If any homeowner is interested in taking an active role in this program, please contact the President of the FFHOA Board. 

Board Members
Board members include 1) President; 2) Vice President; 3) Secretary; and 4) Treasurer. Homeowners who are in "good standing" are eligible to serve on the Board. Only homeowners can serve on the Board.

"Good standing" means that the homeowner has never been in arears regarding the payment of their semi-annual dues. Board members cannot be convicted criminals. Board members must have lived in Fishers Farm for a minimum of 12 months.


Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to uphold the covenants and applicable state and federal laws regarding homeowners associations. Board members, first and foremost, must represent the interests of the Fishers Farm Homeowners Association. Individuals may not seek a Board position to serve personal interests or agendas. Board members are responsible for understanding the responsibilities of their office and adhering to the covenants and bylaws. Board members must understand the scope of their authority. 

Mailboxes are an issue in our community. We have only to drive through our neighborhood to find rusty mailboxes, broken mailbox posts, wired-up mailboxes and posts, non-standardized numbers, and peeling numbers. Homeowners are asked to fix or replace their mailboxes by September 1, 2022. Remember that our mailboxes also have an impact on property values. Visitors to our community see the deteriorating mailboxes and draw negative conclusions about our neighborhood. Violation notices will be sent out after September 1, 2022.

Mailbox information:

  • The former "Classic Black Metal Mailbox" is now called Gibraltar. They are available at Lowe's and begin at around $29.

  • Mailbox posts are available at Lowe's and begin at around $29

  • The standard post color is Colonial Beige 101-24 104-4 107-44 Pastel Base B

  • Mailbox numbers are available at Logan Street Signs and Banners. You can email them at Deb@loganstreetsigns.com; call 317-773-7200; or, visit them at 1720 S. 10th Street, Noblesville, IN to place your order. Color: Tan. Tell them you live in Fishers Farm; they have all the details on file.

Yard Lights / Lamp Posts
Lamp posts not only create a more attractive look in our community, they also serve to deter criminals. If your yard light is not working, first check the bulb. Next, check whether the GFI breaker tripped. Finally, check the photocell on the post. Photocell replacements are available at Lowe's and begin around $9.78.
 Let's shine brightly!

Yard Maintenance

Fishers Farm has many homeowners who take great pride in their yards. Not only do your neighbors appreciate a well-kept lawn and property, but it has an impact on our home values. Homeowners who have excessive weeds, unmowed yards, or items strewn about their yards should consider what they are doing to neighborhood property values. 

Maintaining House Siding

If you have light colored siding, you have likely seen small black dots. These invaders are a fungus called Sphaerobolus stellatus, better known as artillery, or shotgun fungus. Please do not fall for all the false hype that there is an easy way to remove these spots. Those claims are simply not true. The only way to remove them is scrubbing them. It is time-consuming and hard work. 

Another issue many homeowners face is green algae. Green algae thrives on shady and north-facing surfaces. Fortunately, it is not a health risk; however, it is ugly and requires some work. This site provides some useful information regarding how to remove green algae from your siding:



Tree Branches

 If you have tree branches that extend over the sidewalk near your home, please trim them. You are liable if anyone gets hurt as a result of neglecting to trim these branches.


Indiana law allows the city of Fishers to enact ordinances and pass resolutions which place the responsibility of sidewalk maintenance with adjacent property owners. The City of Fishers Code of Ordinances § 94.26 requires adjacent property owners maintain and repair sidewalks located on their property and within rights-of-way. If someone gets hurt as a result of neglecting to maintain the sidewalks adjacent to your property, you may be held legally liable. 

Street Parking

Street parking has been a long-standing issue in our community. Not only does it create a nuissance for drivers, it inhibits, or prevents, street cleaners and snow removal services. Please be considerate and avoid parking on the streets. Residents of Fishers Farm are encouraged to adhere to local ordinanaces regarding parking. The follow ordinance shall be enforced for the benefit of all homeowners:



   No person shall park any vehicle upon a street, other than an alley, in such a manner or under such conditions as to leave available less than 18 feet of the width of the roadway for free movement of vehicular traffic.

(Ord. 040385, passed 5-1-85) Penalty, see § 70.99



   No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle and/or trailer which has been or may be pulled by a vehicle except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with law or the directions of a police officer or traffic-control officer, in any of the following places:

   (A)   On a sidewalk;

   (B)   In front of or immediately opposite a public or private driveway;

   (C)   Within an intersection;

   (D)   Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant;

   (E)   On a crosswalk;

   (F)   Within 20 feet of any intersection or of a crosswalk at an intersection;

   (G)   Within 30 feet upon the approach to any flashing beacon, stop sign or traffic-control signal located at the side of a roadway;

   (H)   Within 20 feet of the driveway entrance to any fire station and on the side of a street opposite the entrance to any fire station within 75 feet of that entrance (when properly signposted); or

   (I)   On the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge or curb of a street.

   (J)   Recreational vehicles and/or trailers which may be pulled by vehicles containing towable objects such as boats, other motors vehicles, and the like, shall not be parked on a public right-of-way located within the corporate limits of the city continuously for 72 hours or longer.  Such vehicles and/or trailers as described above shall not thereafter be returned to the public right-of-way for a period of not less than 30 days from the date upon which it has been relocated.

   (K)   Non-resident recreational vehicles may be parked in a front yard or a driveway or in the right-of- way unless otherwise prohibited, including connection to any appropriate utilities for a period not to exceed ten days per month.

   (L)   The owner of a recreational vehicle or a trailer which may be attached to a vehicle shall not park or store such vehicle or trailer in such a manner as to create a dangerous or unsafe condition on the property or in the public right-of-way.

(Ord. 040385, passed 5-1-85; Am. Ord. 101899, passed 12-6-99; Am. Ord. 091514A, passed 11-17-14)  Penalty, see § 70.99


 § 70.99  PENALTY.

   In addition to the provisions set forth in §§ 70.40 through 70.43, and 72.40 and 72.41, the following shall apply:

   (A)   Each violator of the restrictions and provisions of this Traffic Code on stopping, standing, parking and pedestrian offenses, shall pay a fine and penalty to the city in the sum and amount § 36.08 if paid within 30 business days of the time of issuance.  If the fine is not paid within 30 days from the date of violation, the fine will double the original fine, unless otherwise specified in this chapter and the violation may be docketed in the Fishers City Court.

   (B)   Each violator of any other provision of this Traffic Code shall pay a fine and penalty to the city not to exceed $500 for each such violation.  All such violations shall be immediately docketed in the City Court of Fishers and made subject to the costs imposed thereon for class A infractions in addition to the fine imposed by the court having jurisdiction thereof in accordance with this provision.


Please slow down when driving through our neighborhood. There have been many complaints and so far, no solutions. Many years ago, we asked the Fishers Police Dept. to set up a speed buggy on Bruddy Drive. The speed buggy shows the speed people drive. For the safety of our homeowners and children, the Board is looking into the temporary installation of a speed buggy. If speeding continues to be an issue, the Board will ask homeowners to approve speed bumps throughout the community.

Those "Little Gifts" From Our Pets

Dogs love to take their owners for a walk. During these strolls through our neighborhood, owners need to pick up and dispose of any "gifts" the dog might leave. No one should ever blame pets for leaving these "surprises" in a homeowner's yard, or the grassy areas between the street and sidewalk. When the homeowner isn't trained to clean-up the mess, there is an issue. Please pick up after your pets. 


Fishers Farm has a no solicitation sign posted at each entrance. Violators ignore these signs. Please do your community a favor and when a solicitor visits your home, remind them that soliciting is not permitted in Fishers Farm. If you see them continuing to visit other homes, please do not hesitate to contact the police. Of course, local kids are encouraged to visit their neighbors to sell delicious Girl Scout cookies or engage in local school fund raising activities. If you want to read more information about the Fishers solicitation ordinance, please visit this website: 


School and Organizational Fundraisers

Who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies?! They are THE BEST cookies ever. If your child is involved in a school fundraiser or your child is selling cookies or popcorn, send the Board President information regarding how to contact you so that we can support the kids in our community. We will be creating a community services page on our website where Fishers Farm residents can advertise their skills, talents, businesses, and of course, all the wonderful things the kids are selling to raise money for our local schools and organizations. You can use the Suggestion Form on this website to provide contact information. A Board member will then reach out to you for more details. 

Email Addresses

If you have an email address, please send it to the Board. Although the Board will continue to communicate using snail mail because there are some who are technologically averse, we can eliminate some costs by using electronic mail. Send your email address to the Board President if you are interested in receiving communications electronically. 


The Board will conduct four quarterly mailings. The June and December mailings will include our dues statements. In addition to the dues statements, homeowners will receive a copy of the current budget and any news or information in the form of a newsletter. Although the Board wants to encourage homeowners to use this website, some folks in our community are not comfortable using technology. Therefore, electronic and paper will be used for communications.


The pond adds character to our community; however, it poses a danger to children. Ponds are built to prevent flooding. When it rains, the water from the streets is directed to the pond. When snow melts, the water is directed to the pond. Many homeowners treat their lawns with chemicals, which eventually find their way to the pond. Ponds are built to allow underwater circulation. To accomplish this, deep dropoffs were dug into the base of the pond. Someone standing in a shallow area of the pond could walk a few feet and fall into one of these deep holes. The force of the underwater circulation could pull a child under the water. We encourage all homeowners to speak with their children regarding pond safety. Please advise our most valuable community resources (our kids) not to take chances near the pond. Sadly, about fifteen years ago, a child from our community drowned in the pond in the condo section to the west of Fishers Farm. This event received a lot of news coverage and is something many of us will not forget. Keep the kids safe!!! One factor that our insurance carrier uses to calculate our rates is whether we permit skating, swimming, or fishing in the pond. We do not and therefore, our insurance rates are lower. Insurance and rates are not the most important reason to encourage pond safety. The kids are! Please have a chat with your children.

Community Events

Did you know that Fishers Farm used to have community-wide events? Each year we held a neighborhood garage sale. The Board pays for the advertising and signs. It was typically held in the late Spring. Did you know that Fishers Farm had a community picnic/pitch-in? We used to have a community newsletter. One year we held a contest for "most improved landscaping." We used to hold an annual FFHOA meeting. Sadly, these haven't been part of Fishers Farm for many years. The Board is bringing some of these events back.


FFHOA Annual Meeting: The Board is required to hold an annual meeting of all residents. The Board is reinstating the requisite annual meetings. In addition to holding the meeting in a meeting space, we will look at using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, which will permit people to attend the meetings from their homes. 

Newsletter: A newsletter will be mailed four times a year to all homeowners. Renters may want to contact their landlords to obtain a copy of the newsletter since they will be mailed to the homeowners on file. Each newsletter will include a budget statement. A full budget for the following year will be issued to all homeowners in the December newsletter. Each subsequent newsletter will provide an update on the budget. The December and June newsletters will accompany the dues notices. 

Elderly In Our Community: Fishers Farm has many homeowners who are "elderly." Some of our neighbors need a helping hand from time to time. If someone is willing to help organize this, please contact the Board. For example, after a snowstorm, many residents have no business shoveling their driveways because it can create risks for that person. We have so many able-bodied people in our community who could help out a neighbor or two. Some people have health issues that prevent them from bending over to pull weeds. Again, we have able-bodied people in our community who could help out a neighbor or two. If someone is willing to organize this, please contact the Board. The Board will work with you to help get this important service off the ground.

Other Events: If you are interested in organizing a community-wide event, contact the Board. Use the Suggestion Form on this website. Let's build community into our community. Let's get to know our neighbors.