Be In Touch

Fishers Farm offers several different email list opportunities for its residents.  You can sign up for any or all lists from the Contact Us page.

Fishers Farm Annual Homeowners Association Meeting
Fishers Farm HOA will hold it's annual homeowners meeting at a date and time TBD

Neighborhood Watch
Fishers Farm Neighborhood is  looking for someone to  be in charge of the Neighborhood Watch.  Your duties would include receiving information from the Fishers Police Department to inform Fishers Farm Neighborhood Residents about any crime in the area.  If you are interested, please contact: ffhoaneighborhoodwatch@gmail.com

Board Members
The Fishers Farm Homeowners Association is looking for additional board members to help operate the HOA.  The board is currently looking for residents willing to volunteer for all positions.  Residents interested in helping with the board must be homeowners that have lived in Fishers Farm for at least one year and be in good standing with their HOA dues.  If you are interested or would like more information, please contact the board at ffhoapresident@hotmail.com

Replacing your mailbox - The mailbox is called "Classic Black Metal Mailbox" and is available at Lowe's Home Improvement
Replacing your mailbox post - Mailbox posts are available at Lowe's Home Improvement
Painting your mailbox post - Mailbox posts should be painted Beige in color.  The color code from Lowe's Home Improvement is "Colonial Beige 101-24 104-4 107-44 Pastel Base B"
Replacing the numbers on your mailbox - The numbers for your mailbox can be purchased at Logan Street Signs and Banners, located at 1720 S. 10th Street in Noblesville.  Simply call or visit Logan's and tell them you need tan numbers and that you live in Fishers Farm.  They have all the details on file to print the numbers for you.
The board also has contact information for a contractor that will replace your mailbox and post for you.  If you are interested in that information, please email ffhoapresident@hotmail.com

Lamp Posts
If you are having trouble with your lamp post, there are a few different things you can try to solve your problem.  The most likely cause is a bad photo eye on the lamp post, these can be purchased at Lowe's or Menards for about $10.  Another cause could be a tripped GFI breaker.  Most of the lamp posts are connected to the plug outlet in your garage, most likely on the wall where you enter your house from the garage.  This plug outlet should have a reset button on it.  Reset this plug and see if it makes your light come back on.  If you need more help, please email ffhoapresident@hotmail.com.