Fishers Farm HOA dues are $304 per year.

The FFHOA Board mails each homeowner a statement in June and December.  

Current semi-annual dues are $152 and must be paid by January 31st and July 31st each year.

$10 late fees are assessed (per month) when dues are not paid timely.

FFHOA dues pay for street lights, electricity, water, irrigation system, pond maintenance, pond fountain, landscaping and mowing, snow removal, postage and office supplies, legal fees, accounting fees, taxes, and common property repairs and maintenance.

The collected dues belong to the FFHOA (i.e., homeowners) and are entrusted to the FFHOA Board who manage the funds through budgeting, accounting, and following federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The Board is responsible to the entire community of FFHOA members, who entrust the care of these funds to them for the sole purpose of maintaining Fishers Farm as a safe and well-managed community. Just as we pay taxes for the privilege of living in this great country, it is incumbent upon every homeowner to pay their FHOA dues timely to live in this great community. Failture to pay FFHOA dues violates the agreement homeowners made when they purchased a home in Fishers Farm. Failure to pay FFHOA dues not only demonstrates disrespect for members of the community, but it violates the covenants to which every homeowner agreed to abide. Unfortunately, failure to pay FFHOA dues will result in financial penalties, legal fees, and liens. Failure to pay FFHOA dues impacts our budget and as the unpaid dues increase, it may be necessary for the FFHOA Board to increase the annual dues that each homeowner pays. 

Please see below for payment methods.


Send Check to:
Fishers Farm HOA
PO Box 6043
Fishers, IN 46038


If you have a Chase Bank checking account and have signed up for their free online QuickPay service, you can send your dues directly to ffhoatreasurer@hotmail.com and your dues account will automatically be credited.  There is no fee to use this service.


For a fee of $6 for each 6 month period, you can pay your dues with a CREDIT or DEBIT card through PayPal.

Semi-Annual Payment $158.00


Annual Payment $316.00


NOTE: The payee is responsible to pay the fees associated with the use of PayPal. The fees you pay to PayPal are retained by PayPal and are not credited to your FFHOA account.Since PayPal adjusts their fees periodically, FFHOA provides an "estimated" PayPal fee and adds that to the $152 and $304 dues. Any shortage, or overage, to the dues amount owed will be reflected in the subsequent FFHOA dues statement in June and December.

For example, we currently estimate the PayPal fees to be $6 for a $152 payment. Therefore, we add that $6 to the $152 dues owed and ask the PayPal user to submit $158. PayPal will take their $6 fee and send FFHOA $152. However, since the $6 is our "best" estimate, PayPal fees may be higher than $6. If their fee is $6.50, they keep their $6.50 fee and send FFHOA $158 minus $6.50, or $151.50. Your account will have a balance due of 50 cents. That 50 cents will be added to your next statement. Similarly, if you send $158 and the PayPal fee is $5.80, your account will have a 20 cents credit that will be deducted from your next statement. Some people are comfortable with this and others are not. Since the Treasurer cannot adjust the PayPal fee when PayPal changes those fees without notice, we have little choice but to manage payments through PayPal this way. For those not comfortable with the PayPal fees estimates, your best option is to pay your dues by check.