Board Membership Changes

May 7, 2022

Fishers Farm would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to Bruce Everett, who has served as the FFHOA President for many years. Bruce moved, forcing him to vacate his seat on the Board.

Robert Green has assumed the role of Interim President. In 1999, Robert had his home built at the corner of Lucille Court and Bruddy Drive. Not a novice to the HOA, Robert served on the original HOA Board as Secretary, when management was transferred from the builder to Fishers Farm homeowners. Several years later, Robert served as Treasurer. 


Information About Robert....

Robert is retired from the corporate grind. He continues to teach MBA-level students for an online university. Robert holds  three Masters Degrees (M.Div., MBA, and MA) , and a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. Robert is new to blogging and has recently developed a blog at www.TheEmergentSelf.com. Robert started a small business for his niece, called Expressions by Lara. Robert's 91-year old mother resides with him. They have one cat named Jovie. Robert's hobbies include yardwork, genealogy, and writing. 

Homeowners Dues in Arrears

There are several homeowners who are in arrears with their homeowners dues. The total amount owed by homeowners to our community is over $25,000. The Board will be working with these homeowners in an attempt to find ways to settle these debts. Beginning in July, homeowners who are in arrears will have the opportunity to set up a payment plan with the Board. This will be on an individualized basis. Confidentiality MUST be maintained and the utmost respect will be given to homeowners in arrears. There are dozens of reasons that people go into arrears: economy; pandemic; job loss; divorce; protesting; retirement; etc. The Board will reach out to homeowners in arrears to determine a suitable course of action. If a homeowner refuses to fix their standing, the Board will have no other recourse than those provided through our legal system. As community members, we can get this issue fixed. It's a terrible weight on the minds of people who owe. Let's be neighbors and work this out together ... and with the utmost confidentiality.


Homeowner Suggestion Box

The FFHOA Board is implementing a homeowner suggestion box. FFHOA homeowners may submit their suggestions to the Board. Eazy-Peazy! Click FFHOA Suggestion Box in the Menu. Scroll down and complete the form. When you have completed the form, click Send.


Skills and Talents

The Board will be expanding our website to include individuals from our community who are interested in helping out their neighbors using their skills and talents. We have many talented people in our community. Why not ask a qualified neighbor to bid on a project? The problem is that we do not know who these talented folks are or what their talents are. In June, when the dues letters go out, you will have an opportunity to provide the Board with information that we will post to our website. This also includes kids who might want to do yard work, babysit, do volunteer work for those in our community who are elderly or find it difficult to do certain jobs. Stay tuned!