January 7, 2018

As we have already had some snowfall this year, you should be reminded that during heavy snow days please avoid parking on the street.  This will help the plows as they get all snow removed from the streets.  This will also help prevent your vehicles from being blocked in by snow piles. In addition, please keep eye out for our neighborhood children going to the bus stops and keep your sidewalks clear, especially at the bus stop areas.


January 7, 2018

As you can see, the Fishers Farm website has finally received a much need update. It has a new News & Updates section that we will use to better communicate with the community. While it may not be flashy and fancy the new website is more compatible with all web browsers. Check back for periodic news and updates.


January 7, 2018

In 2017 the HOA worked to get the dead trees and overgrows weeds removed from the north entrance and common areas of Fishers Farm. In 2018 we hope to continue these improvements as the budget allows.

First impressions are everything, a well maintained neighborhood enhances curb appeal and adds direct value to individual homeowners. Here are some tips for improving our Community curb appeal this coming spring.

Replace Mature Trees and Shrubs - Shrubs can sometimes have a short life span and often time need replacing after about 10 years. They also can get to a point where they have grown too large and trimming them back will only have them looking straggly and sparse.

Replace and Replant Flowering Annuals -  Plant selections from early spring till the later fall months will enhance the beauty of your neighborhood.

Repair Fencing - Repair broken or danged fencing. If you have wood fencing, have them painted or stained for a longer life. This will also help them from rotting.

Mailboxes - When a community has well-kept mailboxes and street signs it really shows off the style or look of your neighborhood. Faded, bent, or broken mailboxes and post should be replacement. Believe it or not, potential buyers will pay attention to these somewhat smaller details.

Paint – As homes age paint becomes faded and breaks down. It not only looks bad but allows moisture to penetrate wood. A fresh coat of paint gives your home a fresh clean look and can help to protect your investment.

Repair Damaged Concrete – Seal cracks in driveways and sidewalks. Replace as need. Cracks in driveways and sidewalks can allow water to penetrate causing them to settle and become uneven.

Like your home, your neighborhood is your investment. Keep your community looking great!